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Psycho Killer- Osama Bin Laden

 He is responsible for 
planning and funding the 
murders of thousands of 
innocent and unarmed people. 
He has declared war on the
United States publically at
least 4 times. And if Clinton
has continued personal
problems, we may look forward
to another set of missile
strikes against his terrorist 
training and breeding camps.

Aug 7- there is no coincidence
that the 2 spineless Embassy 
bombings in E. Africa were
planned by Evil Osama on the
anniversary of Desert Storm.
Eight years to the day that 
we began to Kick Iraqi 
intruding arses out of 

Ultimate Irony- Who got the
contract to rebuild the Saudi
buildings that were blown up
by terrorist car bombs?
Bin Ladens family!

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War with the Insane Killer Terrorists

 We Americans cannot say we haven't been warned of the war
that has been and will be more savagely waged against us and
our troops all over the world (World War III). This is a new 
type of war, a war carried out by radical Muslim maniacs 
from wide ranging backgrounds, most of them suicidal.
 "We - with God's help - call on every Muslim who believes in
God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order to 
kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and 
whenever they find it," 
from Osama Bin Ladens' February fatwa when this maniac 
renewed his threat of a "jihad" or holy war
against all U.S. soldiers and civilians.(fatwas, or religious 
edicts, in which bin Laden lays out his weak case against the 
United States: its soldiers protecting oil in his homeland 
are desecrating Muslim holy sites with their very presence;
its power has emasculated Arab countries, turning them into
client states; its (USA) friend is Israel.) 
 Osama bin Laden has already trained tens of thousands of 
terrorists now operating worldwide. His network includes 
followers throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa,
Western Europe and the  United States. These jerks have 
fought in Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Eritrea, the 
Philippines, Somalia, Tajikistan, Yemen and Kosovo. 
 A group founded by bin Laden, the International Islamic 
Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders warned
that "the strikes will continue from everywhere against the 
United States." 
bin Laden himself said, "We had thought that
the Riyadh and al-Khobar blasts were a sufficient signal to 
sensible U.S. decision-makers to avert a real battle between
the Islamic nation and U.S. forces, but it seems that they did 
not understand the signal."
 His partner, Hezbollah, has a history of attacks against
the United States and its allies. They are responsible 
for the 1983 attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut that 
killed 241 Americans and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural 
center in Argentina that killed 95 people.Evil bin Ladens
followers are responsible for the  November 1995 terrorist
bombing in Riyadh that killed 5 U.S. service personnel and 
2 Indians.  Evil Bin Laden planned the June 1996 terrorist 
truck bombing in Dhahran that killed 19 U.S. airmen and he may 
have been connected to the February 1993 bombing of
the World Trade Center in New York City that killed 6 people 
and wounded more than 1,000 others.
 Osama bin Laden is also responsible for funding the attack
that proved to be the worst single terrorist attack ever in Egypt.
It happened in November 1997 at the  temple of Queen 
Hatshepsut in the town of Luxor. Six gunmen opened fire 
on groups of unarmed tourists preparing to enter temple. 58 
unarmed tourists and 4 Egyptians were killed. The 6 gunmen
were later killed by Egyptian security forces. (Bummer!- its
more painful for these scum to spend life in prison, where
they would be beaten daily, since they can't fight without
bombs, and they only know how to beat females and children.)
 Bin Laden called the bombings against U.S. military personnel 
in Saudi Arabia in 1995 and 1996 'praiseworthy acts of terrorism.'
 By now, you must wonder 'Who is this completely ruthless killer?'.
He is wealthy, elusive and an Islamic extremist who is plotting
against the United States as we speak. Bin Laden is working with 
terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Iran. He
is 41, and has at least three wives. One of his brothers is a student
at Harvard, where the Binladin (alias)family has set up scholarships
for Saudi students that might be future terrorists. Bin Laden was 
expelled from Saudi Arabia for crazy radical activities in 
1991. He moved to Sudan, the Marxist National Islamic Front 
government welcomed him. Evil Bin Laden used his business contacts 
to bankroll terrorist activities. Numerous terrorist training  
camps operate in Sudan and Afghanistan. But bin Laden was expelled
from Sudan two years ago, because of U.S. pressure. He moved to a
cave in Afghanistan. There, he runs his group called Al-Qaida  
(the Bridge). This  cave has its own generators , satellite dish
for worldwide calls and a complex computer system. 
 If you have any travel plans to any foreign country, these are 
important facts to know. Today and in the future, there are 
areas where no sane American should go, especially the Middle
East, and Africa.  The most worrying fact is that nobody is safe 
from these psycho Muslim extremists including women and children.
There are evil agents all over the world, deeply entrenched for 
decades in every major country, just waiting for the right time 
to strike. And the Evil Osama bin Laden is financing millions 
of dollars worth of terror. As Madeline Albright said recently, 
we are involved in a different type of war. I say it is World 
War III and we can thank Monica for putting Clinton in a 
position where he desperately needed to deflect attention. 
Clinton has known about these deadly terrorists all along, 
only last week did he finally strike back! I've shown you how 
many times the Evil Osama has planned and funded terrorist 
attacks on innocent, unarmed civilians, its time for you 
to make up your own mind.

08-25-98 Phil

These phacts were provided from headline news on the information

WW3 has been visited times.