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the infamous Phil Files

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Irish Fishing Adventure: In search of Blue Fin Tuna

Phil, Dave & Bill: Bruins v Wings: Winter 1994

Bruins 2k!

Young Guns 2000-01: Goren, Grahame, Grenier, Pahlsson

these pages were created in 1998

Boston Bruins' SuperStar: Joe Thornton
the Dogmatics:Boston rock
Ireland: the 'Green Tiger'
One Cell: Earth
Soccer: Kicks grass
Patriot Fan-atics: bad to the bone
Larry Bird: thanks for the memories
Huma Rock: to So Cal
Psycho Killa: Osama Bin Laden

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Premier League:Fantasy soccer
NASCAR:Super D's lge
NFL: Critical Mass lge.
NHL:Critical Mass lge.

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Phils Irish Adventures III : september 2003 Phil & Ed, Tory Island, sept 2001 Watch this space for news this fall as Captain Michael, Phil, Ed and the crew chase the elusive bluefin tuna in Donegal Ireland again. They have thier eyes on the prize, which can be better explained here, or on my Irish Adventures 2000 webpage (link somewhere on the left of this page) Beach Hotel Pub, sept 2001

Happy New Year 2003!

July 15th, 2003

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Drudge Report: Breaking News
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Flight Status: real time airline flt. status
Discovery Channel : discover
Walden Project: save Walden Pond from developers
live Weather satellite USA: click on your state for local
A-smith Rocks: Marshfields own Bad Boys
Polly Klaas Foundation: You CAN help
100 top sites, every category: The ultimate Web guide
The Guardroom : Law Enforcement News and Talk
FBI's Most Wanted: You won't find my picture here! Yours?
Stephen King: New Englands fav author low interest credit
Foreign Newspapers: London to Sydney to Bangkok
Earth from Space: View from 100's of Satellites
Earthcam- live worldwide cities: BE BIG BROTHER
Sea Surface Temps!: Recent sattelite world images
Encyclopedia Britannica:New FREE site
Center for Democracy: and Technology
Republic of Ireland: World Cup news
Irish Times: Everyone wants to be irish
FAI:Football Assoc. Ireland
Eirinn Tackle: Sylvesters' site!
Rosguill: Tuna charters and lodging in Co. Donegal Ireland

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