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Setting myself up for a lifetime

of disappointment December 1978, age 12.

(why couldn't I have picked the

49ers or Cowboys to love?)

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Don't mess with the Patriot Fan-atics

December 01 1996, Jack Murphy stadium, San
Diego. 40 Patriot fans from the 
Poop Deck, Hermosa Beach (South Bays Boston
Bar- directly on the beach) rented a bus
and drove down to the Murph. Just as
we predicted and boasted about, it was a
blow-out. Final score: Patriots 45
Chargers 7 & Phil 2 Charger fan 0.
 The picture to the left and starting from 
the left: Dan Debasio, Phil, Rick Ingram,
Anna, Rozey (Chris Roselli), Mike Corkery,
and last but not least, Jeff Libman. Dudes
with backs facing picture are unknown
Patriot fans, we were 10,000 strong that day.
 Below is a picture of Rick and Annas back,
they are looking down at the melee involving
drunk, rude Charger fans and me, Phil.
 Note- I missed the 4th quarter, walked away
from it without a scratch, and one Charger fan
was arrested as well as bloodied.

Moral of the story - don't mess with 
Patriot fan-atics!

Phil 10-02-98

Patriot fanatics rule the NFL