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Robbie Keane: Ireland, Wolverhampton

Mia Hamm- USA, 1st American to 100 int'l goals

Phils Soccer Links

Yahoo Soccer: World headlines
Phil (taryns): unlucky 13 (out of 20,000+)
USA: Soccer
Liverpool: the Mighty Reds
Chelsea: the Blues
Manchester United: Red Devils
Tottenham: Hotspurs
Celtic: (Scotland)
Rangers: (Scotland)
St. Patricks (Dublin): Super Saints
Cork City: (Ireland)
FAI: Ireland

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 Welcome to my international soccer page.
I first became interested in soccer when
I got my first taste of International soccer
in 1993 at the U.S. Cup in Foxboro, Mass.
There I saw the U.S. team beat England
2-0. That day I rode the train from Boston
to Foxboro, myself and 5,000 England fans.
I expected them to be crazy obnoxious hooligans,
but I found them to be regular people that 
happen to be very passionate about thier team.
 Being a Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots fan,
I can relate to that, and I wound up having
a great time, even on the train ride back
to Boston, after England lost. 
 Working for British Airways gave me exposure, 
to the worlds' top league (Premier League). 
We spent our short breaks 
reading 'News of the World','Sun', and all
the other London 'Tabloids'. They have 
the most extensive sports coverage in the
world concerning the English, especially 
London teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham,
Millwall, Wibledon, QPR, etc.). 
 Since I have been cruising the information
superhighway (1996), following the top teams
and countries has been easy. I have even
become a top prognasticator. For the 1998
World Cup, I entered the challenge to
pick the winner of every game (64). I 
finished 13th out of 20,000+. I also
was one of only five that chose France
to win the whole thing. Click on the link
to the left to view the results (user name
is taryns, after my daughter)
 International soccer is probably the
most electric, exciting events to see live.
Some day if I am lucky, I will be at Lansdowne
Road in Dublin to see the Green Machine in action, 
live! On this page you will see my favorite
players and teams. Check out my soccer
links for more information.

Phil 9-22-98

Michael Owen- England, Liverpool

Liverpool will win times.