Thanks for the Memories, Larry Legend!

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Simply the best ever!

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Larry 'Legend' Bird- the best ever!

 I was never much of a Celtics fan, or NBA
fan. I did enjoy watching Havlicek and 
Pistol Pete, the one year they played to-
gether for the Celtics. But that all changed
in 1979. I played ball for Marshfield from
79-83, although I quit early in my senior
year (1983-84: sex, parties, rock & roll took
all my time then). Back in 79-81 us players got
to hang out at Camp Millbrook, which back
then was the Celtics summer camp.
 The day I met Bird, he was a rookie, I
could feel that there was something special 
about him. Not only was he already the best 
player,he was also a very kind person. I 
became a Celtics fan right until the day that he
retired. One of my most memorable experiences
was a day in June 1984. No, I'm not talking about
my Graduation day from MHS ! It was the day
that I went to Government Center, by myself,
for the Celtics NBA Championship celebration.
I was front and center when Larry said " Ya-
Moses does eat shit!" The place went crazy that 
day and it was a feeling that I may never 
experience again. Especially since I am foremost
a Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox fan.
 I watched just about every game that Bird
played during his career, and there is no
doubt in my mind that he is the best, and
most complete player to EVER play the game.
Playing on the playgrounds of Humarock, he was
everyones idol. And we didn't realize how
lucky we were in those early Bird years to
have him playing in front of us at Camp
Millbrook and also MHS, where they used
to scrimage on rainy days. We were the 
MHS basketball team, and we had access to
be on the court with Larry and the Celtics. 
I only regret that none of us ever brought 
a camera, but the memories will live with 
me forever. Thank you, Larry! You really 
had an impacton in my life. And I'm sure you 
remember the great times we all had back 
then, before the Celtics moved to Brandeis 
 Last weekend the Legend was inducted into
the NBA Hall of Fame. That ceremony was
the only thing in this world that would
make me turn off a Red Sox playoff game.
I would prefer to watch Bird talk than to 
watch the Red Sox choke (again)on any day!

Phil 10-09-98

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