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Dogmatics 1981-86! 80's Boston punk Quartet

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Dogmatics Reunion: Boston Phoenix Dec 95
St. Pats Day 85: from Paul Lovell
THE DOGMATICS (1981-86)--ONE OF BOSTON'S BEST! : by Jim Moran
Shredder Records : purchase the CD
 Thanks to B.C. Kagan for photos, 
Thanks to Newbury Comics for making
the CD available on-line
Thanks to Vagrant records and Shredder
for making the CD!
 Most of all, I thank Paul (R.I.P.), 
Peter, Jerry Tom, and Dan for all the
good times and memories

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the Dogmatics- Phils story

When I searched the world wide web for the word 'dogmatics' 
all I got back was a few articles in the boston phoenix and
a link at Newbury Comics on-line that sells the CD. This was
a good thing, because I immediately bought the Dogmatics' only
CD. I decided that this isn't enough, there should be a web
page that spread the word about the best local Boston band 
of the 80's. And here it is: 
 Plymouth county 1979 'the Savage Beasties'-  Dan (from
Marshfield) hooks up with Sam B., Paul O. and T.K. and they 
form a band called 'the Savage Beasties'. Thier influences 
included bands like the Ramones, New York Dolls, and the Sex 
Pistols and it showed in thier music. They stay together
long enough to record a cassette tape and play some local
gigs in Marshfield and in the Plymouth area, developing
a loyal South Shore following. They broke up
when Sam & T.K. got fed up with Dan & Paul showing up late
or missing practice. Sam moved on to other bands in San Fran
sisco, and T.K. went on to form 'TKs last stand' another great
Boston band from the 80's. 

  Boston 1980/81-Dan and Paul went on to hook up with Jerry L. and 
Pauls brother Peter to form the Dogmatics. I was a regular at 
'the Beastie Manor' (the Dogmatics place at 5 Thayer St.) and I could
usually get myself and sometimes a friend or 2 (usually Andy S.) 
into many  of the Dogmatics gigs at places like the Ratskellar, 
TT the bears, Cantones, etc. I always had the best weekend stories 
at Monday morning homeroom. Here I was, 16 or 17 years old and 
hanging out with bands like Scruffy the Cat, Gang Green, the Del 
Fuegos,Classic Ruins, and the Replacements. I also got to hear 
lots of these bands practice in the sound room at 5 Thayer St.
I gained almost celebrity status with my friends at MHS. 
 Dan was the drummer in the early years until he decided to go 
to college in 83'. It wasn't easy for Dan to leave the band but 
he pursued his other dream, and graduated from college. Tom L. 
took over as drummer and the Dogmatics developed loyal support in 
Boston . They shared bills with the Replacements, Los Lobos, the 
Bangles, and the Long Riders. Just when it looked like they were 
on thier way to the Big Times, tragedy struck.
 In October 1986 the Dogmatics had just returned from thier first
road tour of the USA. Paul was riding on the back of a friends 
motorcycle on the S.E. Expressway when a tire blew out. Paul was 
killed instantly.
 That day that I heard what had happened, and then Pauls funeral
were some of the saddest times. I know God had other plans for Paul,
the awesome bass player, and even better person. As you will read in 
the CD (order it) booklet, T.K. says of Paul 'if you didn't love Paul, 
you didn't know him'. Never a truer statement has been spoken.
-Phil 1998

2003 Update: I have added a MP3 for those who want to hear the Dogmatics. Drop me a line if you want me to put some more songs online. This webpage has served it's purpose to spread the word in the cyber world. I have heard from alot of people over the past 5 years, who want to talk about the Dogmatics. -Phil 2003

Dogmatics: Christmas Time (sure don't feel like) 2006 update : Due to several rqsts, I've added two of my favorite songs below. Anybody who wants the CD, or wants to hear samples from all songs, you can find it at amazon in the music section. Also try the link to Shredder records in my links section. Gimee the shakes Sister Serena now go and get the CD for yourself, you will love it.

the Dogmatics rocked Boston times.