Fever Pitch 2005

In September 2004 I answered a casting call for Pever Pitch from 20th Century Fox and was chosen as a 'core' extra.

Fever Pitch filming at Fenway 09/2004

I worked on 1 day and 2 overnight shoots before I had enough, although I could have worked 4 more days. Living for 10+ years in LA, I never was interested in being an 'extra' in any movie, but this one was different. It's about the Red Sox! Filming at Fenway was fun at first, I even got to go and checkout the Green Monster seats during a break.

Lenny Clarke

After the first couple of nights (which we had full reign of Fenway), the crew really cracked down on the extras, confining us to a small section of Fenway. They even expected us to sit there and eat our single sandwich on a Saturday night, while the cast and crew ate for 90 minutes at a fancy local restaurant. Threats were made, if you are found outside of this section, you will be asked to go home. By that time I had enough and decided to go out to Kenmore Square and get some real food during this break, almost hoping to get caught and “fired”. Until then I had been mostly sitting with the dummies (literally) in the noseblead seats, far away from the camera and action. I stopped at Copperfields and had a pint (or two), decided to finish the shift before “quitting”, if I could get back into Fenway without getting “fired”. Well I made it back in and immediately got called down to the front to be a background fan in a scene, about 5 or 6 seats away from Fallon and Barrymore. In this scene Ben (Jimmy) and a few other fans are teaching her about the curse of the Bambino. One fan even jumps up, pulls her t-shirt up, and shakes her boobs yelling “Hey Manny”, it should be a memorable scene if it makes the final cut. Here is a picture of Drew that I got while we filmed a scene in the bleachers. She is there way down the front in the middle, partially obscured:


I think it will be a great movie, although I am a little bit biased!

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