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  I am a first generation Irish American. Both of my 
parents immigrated to the USA from Ireland,as did hundreds
 of thousands before them. These immigrants from Ireland 
have created a legacy of hard work, of overcoming 
all obstacles (including discrimination) to create thier own 
success. With all of the problems that the USA faces today
concerning immigration and discrimination, there is a lesson 
to be learned from the Irish (& other European immigrants). 
 I have been lucky enough to travel to Ireland 3 or 4 times 
in my life, although it has been a long time since my last 
visit (1988). The internet allows me to keep up with the 
important issues and events as we move into the next millenium.
 I chose the picture to the left, because it has no political
or religious boundries. This is how I consider Ireland, as 1
island, 1 people, and logically I know it should be 1 country.
 Since politics and religion are are such volatile subjects I 
have nothing to say about 'the Troubles', except that I hope 
they can work out these troubles without further destruction,
mayhem, terrorism, and murders. What else is there to say about 
terrorists? I must say that during my trips to Ireland I
have never witnessed any violence or terrorism. The violence
is limited to the North East section of the island.
 I prefer to focus on the positive contributions that Irish
people have made to not only the USA, but to the whole world,
and most importantly to Ireland. Today Ireland will never 
face another mass emigration seen in the past generations. 
The pendulum has turned, and now Ireland sees increased 
immigration likenever before. Ireland has become known as 
'the Green Tiger' a reputation built by becoming one of the 
fastest growing and improving economies in the world. As 
Europe moves into a single economy 'the Euro' this will only 
improve the already incredible growth. Lets just hope they can
learn from other nations experiments with massive immigration, 
and the negative effects of over-immigration.
 Please check some of the Irish links that I have compiled over 
the years, and see for yourself. Erin go bragh!

Phil 8-5-98

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the Green Tiger has roared times.