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Earth: a One-cell Organism

"The Earth is a one-cell organism And it is time that we 
treat it as such"
 - Bill Lee from (now defunct)Dugout April 1995

 He has been known as 'The Spaceman' ever since that 1969 radio
interview when he refused to discuss baseball, and insisted on
discussing the moon landing. The first time he ever saw
the Green Monster at Fenway, he asked 'Do they leave it there
during games?'
 The Spaceman compiled a lifetime 119-90 record with a excellent 
3.63 ERA for Boston and Montreal between 1969-1982. In 1975 Lee
had his best season going 17-9. To this day he is still one of
my favorite Red Sox, even though I will always remember 22Oct75.
This is the night that Bill and the Sox were leading the Reds 3-0
in game 7, until the 6th inning, when he threw a lame change-up 
to Tony Perez, who promptly deposited the pitch into the outfield
stands. The Reds went on to win the game and series 4-3.
 The spring that he was traded from the Red Sox to the Expos (79), 
Lee was fined $500 for a remark he made to a reporter concerning 
sprinkling mari-juana on his pancakes that morning. The Spaceman
paid the fine off with pennies!
 Behind the Spaceman image was a man who studied Zen philosophy, 
read seriously about politics, economics, and spirituality.
 Today Bill Lee still plays regularly, mostly barn storming the 
Northeast and SouthEast Canada with former stars of his era, 
including Mark Fidrych and Bernie Carbo (the player Lee went on
strike for, when the Expos released Carbo).
 When Lee was asked if any of todays players share his so called
eclectic passions, he says 'Not a one of them. I talk to them, and
they like what I say, but they just say thats the Spaceman talking.'
 'Basically I consider myself very political. But my first goal as 
a politician would be to dissolve all political boundries. 
 'I believe you should de-emphasize your own ego. I try to do that
in everything, its just a principle of life. The best way to make
time stand still is to get completely engrossed in what you are
doing. You gotta enjoy the moment you are in, right then.'
 I'm not sure if Bill Lee knows how true his statements are. And it
is time that more people start looking at the earth as a 'one-cell 
organism.' July 1998 was the hottest month  EVER!
We all know about the El Nino reports
and the negative effects on the climate. And how many of you have heard about the massive Tsunami that devastated
New Guinea? Is time to wakeup. When will the Global warming, and its deadly side effects end? If we continue to act like little children with science kits, mixing chemicals together until they finally explode, then our planet won't recover. Maybe when everyone starts taking the Earths well being seriously, as if our lives and our childrens lives depended on it,(they do!)we might start to recover. It is great to hear that the Spacemans life is now better than ever. He makes just enough money on his baseball tours to live comfortably on a house that he built in Vermont, with his family. And if he ever runs for President again, I just may have to vote for him. Especially considering the alternatives! Phil 8-15-98

The Earth is being poisoned times.